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Terms & Conditions

General conditions for the seasonal rental of a residential villa

On the one hand the owner
La Casa de la Olivera: Thierry PEYRE et Muriel LE NY – Carrer de PUNTA GALERA, 29 – Las Très Cales – 43860 L’AMETLLA DE MAR (Province de TARRAGONA) – Espagne, inscrite au Registro Mercantil de L’AMETLLA A-105277, partie XXX, folio XX avec numéro CIF XXXX ci-après dénommée La Casa de la OLIVERA.

And on the other hand

The main tenant, natural person
Terms applicable to the contract and general conditions
Tenant (main): a (physical) person, who rents or wishes to rent the holiday house “La Casa de la Olivera”
Roommate: the one staying together with the main tenant in the holiday home.
Manager: the person who takes over the management of the holiday home on behalf of the owner.
Consumer: a natural person who uses a holiday home
Third party: any other (legal) person other than those who own La Casa de la Olivera or other than the tenant or roommate.
Owner: the legitimate owner of a vacation home (or their representative), who has offered the vacation rental.
Cancellation: revocation or cancellation of the reservation. Reservation: a reservation for a holiday home accepted by La Casa de la Olivera

Termination: the cancellation of the rental contract due to non-compliance with the obligations of the rental contract.
Holiday home: La Casa de la Olivera

Stay: the actual use of a vacation rental.

These general conditions are applicable to the rental of CASA DE LA OLIVERA and services of La Casa de la Olivera.
Therefore, we thank you for carefully reading the content of these conditions. Our rights and obligations are specified, both for you and for us.
Special clauses, agreements or special stipulations are possible provided they are confirmed in writing by La Casa de la Olivera. Oral agreements and / or acceptances by La Casa de la Olivera are only possible, provided they are confirmed in writing by the owners of La Casa de la

These general conditions are explicitly applicable to the contractual relationship between La Casa de la Olivera and the main tenant, his possible representative and or his roommates.
The rental contract is a contract between the owners and the tenant to which obligations are attached for each of the parties.

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If you wish, you can set your browser so that you receive a message that a cookie is installed and to prevent the installation of cookies on your hard drive. However, you cannot use all the possibilities of the site. The storage and transmission of your data via the internet is secure. La Casa de la Olivera does not collect personal data via cookies. Please consult the instructions and instructions of your navigation software for more information on this.

You can book by phone or online. Any reservation request is confirmed by La Casa de la Olivera by e-mail by means of an invoice / booking confirmation. If you have not received this invoice / booking confirmation within 24 hours of booking, please contact La Casa de la Olivera immediately

The booking confirmation sent by La Casa de la Olivera includes all the data relevant to the stay in the proposed holiday home. Taking into account the interest of an adequate reservation and in order to avoid any misunderstanding, the Tenant undertakes to check the accuracy of the data upon receipt of the reservation confirmation. The Tenant also undertakes to communicate any errors or inaccuracies to La Casa de la Olivera within 7 days of receipt of the booking confirmation. If La Casa de la Olivera does not receive information within the specified period, the information communicated will be deemed unquestionable.
La Casa de la Olivera is always entitled to refuse a reservation request or a reservation or to retract it without giving any reason.

Rights and obligations of the Tenant at the place of the holiday home

In addition to these general conditions, local law is applicable on the situation on the spot, these conditions take precedence.

Unless otherwise specified in the rental contract, the Lessee is required to have left the holiday home no later than the time indicated in the rental contract. La Casa de la Olivera is never responsible for the consequences of a late departure.

During a late departure, the Tenant is required to pay an additional rental amount per day.

The Tenant will behave as a good father and use the places entrusted to him in a responsible manner.

The Renter is legally responsible for damage caused by him or his roommates to the holiday home or to objects in it. All damage, all deterioration, all claims due to the tenant must be communicated immediately to the Owner or the Manager. Repairs or replacement costs, if they are due to the tenant must be paid immediately by the tenant to the owner / manager on the latter’s first request. Upon departure, the Tenant leaves the holiday home in immaculate condition, the cleaning of the kitchen and the bathrooms must be carried out by the tenant as well as the general sweeping, the rest of the cleaning is included in the rental price . Objects present in the holiday home must always be returned to their original place (upon arrival). Interior and exterior dishes must be made and stored in the place intended for this purpose. The Owner / Manager is empowered to carry out a final check upon departure. If the Owner / Manager finds that one or more objects are not in their original place or if the holiday home is not cleaned as indicated above, the Owner / Manager is entitled to charge fees (cleaning ) additional to the Tenant which will be taken from the security deposit.>

The Tenant is required to use the bedding (mattress, protective house, mattress cover and sheet) on the beds and is not entitled to use the beds without mattress protection and without sheets.

La Casa de la Olivera is entitled to immediately terminate the rental contract:
at. if, after being put on notice, the tenant has not respected the obligations of these conditions;
b. if the Tenant does not behave as a good father or does not behave as a suitable tenant for normal use of a holiday villa and if the Tenant causes serious discomfort in the vicinity.

During the summer period (JULY AND AUGUST) The minimum rental period is 7 nights, except for special bookings accepted by La Casa de la Olivera

The arrival time is between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. and the departure between 8 a.m. and 10.00 a.m.

A previous arrival is possible, if the cleaning of the Villa and its verification by the manager or the owner is carried out. In any event, the tenant cannot require an arrival before 4 p.m. In the event of forced late arrival, the tenant must inform La Casa de la Olivera by calling the manager or the owner, to benefit from the reservation for 24 hours. Beyond that, the reservation will be deemed as canceled by the tenant without reason and the payment acquired by the owner.

A late departure may be subject to an additional invoice of 150 €, the time necessary between the departure of a tenant and the arrival of a new occupant being devoted to verifications of the villa, verification of its facilities, replacement of household linen, cleaning of the villa.

It is forbidden for the Tenant to stay in the villa with a number of people greater than 10. The capacity and the equipment having been dimensioned for 10 vacationers maximum. Failure to comply with this condition on the number of people who can stay in the villa will result in a deduction from the deposit and the collection of tourist taxes.

Tents on the grounds of La Casa de la Olivera are strictly prohibited. Any violation of this provision will result in the nullity of the contract and the immediate departure of the tenant.

The Casa de la Olivera will be fitted out for the number of people declared when booking. The number of people declared can be modified on condition of informing the owner and provided that the number does not exceed 10 people. The lessor may reserve the right to refuse the request.

In the event of a change in the number of people, the rental price will be changed in proportion to the additional number of people, the rental prices being based on the number of occupants. Conversely, a lower number of people will not give rise to a reduction and or a partial refund of the rental price.

TERM ‘people’: anyone who will sleep in a double bed in the villa. For children up to 18 months of age, La Casa de la Olivera assumes that they sleep in a small crib / camping bed.

The marital status of people staying in the villa must be communicated to us upon arrival to allow payment of the tourist taxes which are due to the municipality. These data are subject to total confidentiality and may not be used for other purposes.

The rental of the boat from La Casa de la Olivera is done through our TOP FISHER manager, the cost and conditions can be found on the website :

The quad will be rented from the Manager or the owner, you will have to justify the appropriate permit and a security deposit of € 500 will be required by means of a credit card loan.

If you want to leave with a souvenir of your stay at La Casa de la Olivera, you can buy directly from the manager or the owner the logoed products (bathrobes, T-shirt, cap, light jacket or winter jacket), they will will be given before your departure after payment (the prices are indicated on the site of La Casa de la Olivera).

If you want to leave with a souvenir of your stay at La Casa de la Olivera, you can buy directly from the manager or the owner the logoed products (bathrobes, T-shirt, cap, light jacket or winter jacket), they will will be given before your departure after payment (the prices are indicated on the site of La Casa de la Olivera).

A tourist tax may be required by local authorities. This tourist tax must be paid on arrival or departure. Most of the time, this tourist tax is due from the age of 12 and over.

All price offers are firm and final, however promotional offers may be offered outside the website. Access to the villa for seminars or professional meetings is possible, they will be subject to an estimate by the Manager or the Owner after examination of the specifications of the company which wishes to rent.

All communications on the La Casa de la Olivera website are considered to be provided in good faith. The Tenant declares that he has read the description of the holiday home by La Casa de la Olivera on the website and does not want any more detailed descriptions.

The prices always include VAT, energy costs, cleaning costs but not the costs of any cancellation and travel insurance or any other costs.

For all reservations, the entire reserved period must be paid to stay in the villa

The prices are expressed in EUR (bases on the number of people) and per week for the period JULY AND AUGUST, by nights for all the other periods.

Sheets and bed linen, towels, kitchen towels are provided.
The towels can not in any case be used for the pool and or the beach, this use not being in accordance with the material.
You can optionally benefit for your linen in the colors of La Casa de la Olivera:

– Beach towel 15 € week (one unit)
– Bathrobe € 20 week (one unit)

The cleaning of the Villa is included in the package, however the bathrooms and toilets must be returned clean, the dishes of the kitchen and the summer kitchen cleaned and put away in the furniture as at the entrance, the ovens must be cleaned.

The barbecue and the plancha as well as the pierrades will be clean, the household waste evacuated
All equipment must be returned to their place
Failure to comply with these rules WILL RESULT in a deposit being deducted.
Electricity / gas costs
These costs are included.
For the plancha, a gas cylinder is included, the renewal of the cylinder is the responsibility of the tenant.
In Spain, disturbances in the supply of water and electricity can occur. Municipal and / or regional authorities may decide to temporarily cut or restrict distribution. La Casa de la Olivera can in no way be held responsible.

A cot and / or high chair can be requested when booking.
For the safety of the child it is advisable to bring your own mattress for the crib.

WiFi is offered. We must draw your attention to the fact that we cannot guarantee the quality of incoming and outgoing flow.

The payment of a deposit or security deposit is required, it is the subject of a credit card loan, or in the absence of an equivalent amount paid in cash.

It will be returned to the tenant within a maximum of 15 days following departure if no degradation or damage has been noted in the villa and if it is returned in good condition. In the event of damage or theft, the owner undertakes to return the balance of the amount of the security deposit after deduction of the sums necessary for repairs, repair and / or purchases, within 60 days included following the return of the keys.

If the security deposit is insufficient, the tenant agrees to pay the difference on supporting documents provided by the owner.

The reservation will become effective as soon as the tenant has accepted these general rental conditions and has paid the deposit of 30% of the total rental amount (excluding options).
The deposit can be paid:
– Either online via a secure payment system by bank card. By this payment, the reservation is immediately confirmed.
– Either by bank transfer to La Casa de la Olivera, only possible in the case of a reservation made at least 30 days before entering the premises
In all cases, an email confirming your reservation will be sent to you as soon as possible. You will be asked to provide a photocopy of your identity document.

The payment of the balance must be paid:
– either by bank card or bank transfer no later than 30 days before the date of arrival.
– either on the day of arrival for a cash payment.

In exchange, a copy of the signed rental contract will be issued to you. No key will be given without full payment of the stay.
The additional services chosen by the tenant will be payable on site.

We advise you to take out cancellation insurance with your insurance company, also if you book in the short term before your departure. In addition, the conclusion of travel insurance is highly recommended

In the event of superior force, both permanent and temporary, La Casa de la Olivera is entitled to suspend the contract entirely or partially without the Lessee being able to assert any remedy in respect of respect and / or compensation. Force majeure includes, among others, but not exclusively: the death of the owner, the owner’s divorce, the unannounced sale and / or the taking over of the holiday home by the owner, etc. whose total or partial compliance with the contract cannot be required according to all logic and fairness of La Casa de la Olivera.

If suprerior force takes place when the tenant has only been able to partially use the holiday home, the rental contract must also be considered dissolved for the period already used.

Cancellations must be communicated in writing or by email to La Casa de la Olivera. If a contract is canceled by the customer, the latter is liable for the following amounts in addition to the reservation costs:

  1. When canceling up to 60 days before the day of arrival: 35% of the rental cost;
  2. When canceling from the 60th day (including) the day of arrival: the total sum of the rental.

The cancellation of a reservation by the (main) Tenant also applies as cancellation chargeable to the roommates.

In view of the health episode linked to the COVID 19 crisis, the cancellation conditions are modified as follows
A. Cancellation up to 15 days before the day of arrival: 0%
B. Cancellation between 14 days and the start of the stay: 15% of the rental cost

You can also postpone your stay for another period at no cost, you may have to pay an additional cost relating to the new period chosen or, conversely, receive a refundable credit.

Pets are welcome.
It goes without saying that pets do not have access to swimming pools, beds and chairs. In the event of an offense, deductions will be made from your deposit. This also concerns visual pollution and / or damage.

La Casa de la Olivera cannot be held liable for damage suffered by the tenant or third parties as a result of the stay in the holiday home. The tenant keeps La Casa de la Olivera from any recourse to this effect. In particular, La Casa de la Olivera is not responsible for faults / breakdowns in and around the holiday home such as, but not limited to, faults and breakdowns in power and water supply and technical installations, unannounced or late-announced construction work and changes / works to access roads or main roads.

La Casa de la Olivera can only be held liable for damage due to gross negligence or the omission of La Casa de la Olivera.

Without prejudice to what is specified in the preceding paragraphs, the responsibility of La Casa de la Olivera if and insofar as La Casa de la Olivera can be legally liable in any way concerning the rental contract, is always limited to direct damage and is excluded from any form of consequential damage.

During your stay, you are responsible for damage caused by yourself and / or your traveling companions to the villa, the accommodation and all the objects that are part of the rental.

In the event of litigation or dispute, the Court of jurisdiction of the address of the Villa will have sole jurisdiction to settle the dispute.