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Verano 2020



Incredible Tour, starting with Terragona, heritage made of monuments, visit the Mediterranean balcony, we will know the Roman circus of Tarragona, Plaça de la Font, Pretorio, Plaça del Rei and the National Archaeological Museum, followed by the cathedral from Tarragona, to discover an archaeological walk and a walk through the portal of San Antonio and discover the traditional activities of Human Tower.LEARN MORE

Activities Ametlla de Mar

Several diving professionals will make you discover all the hidden riches in Ametlla de Mar. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, you will discover from the beach or directly from the sea all the wonders such as CALA VIDRE, EL CALAFATO, L’ENRIQUETA, L’ESTANY, EL PECIO; you can even explore the funds around the Thon reserves. Scuba diving is snorkeling when snorkeling to observe aquatic life up close and personally.
You can take boat trips from the port of Ametlla to the coast of Calafat or to the Ebro Delta accompanied by a guide or without a guide, to discover the secrets hidden in the waters of the Gulf of Sant Jordi are the quietest marinas on the Mediterranean coast and the only private beach is known to be in a privileged environment for fishing, as these species of pilgrimage waters like mackerel, mignon, Melvin, tuna, figs, tuna You can take a bath in a cove or go fishing for children and adults.LEARN MORE

Port Aventura

Come and explore the different themed areas of PortAventura Park and let yourself be surprised by the attractions, shows and decor! Discover the PortAventura World water park, where you can enjoy the funniest swimming pools and slides with your family. Live the authentic Ferrari experience on more than 70,000 m2 and fill up with emotions, thrills and entertainment! A park for the whole family!LEARN MORE

Ebre Delta

From Tarragona, we arrive in the Ebre Delta (80km, an hour). It is this river which gave its name to the adjective «Iberian»!
Halfway between Barcelona and Valencia, the Ebre Delta is a natural park. For those who know the Camargue, there is a family resemblance, it is a large delta, the mouth of a river: there are rice fields, salt marshes, flamingos, samphire …And then – oh great! – no mosquitoes either. Became a natural park in 1983 on an area of ​​7,736 ha, it is the most extensive wetland in Catalonia. More than three hundred different bird species are represented there, many migratory birds stop there and the fish richness is also exceptional.
Today, three-quarters of the delta is occupied by rice fields, vegetable farms and orchards. There are more than 800 species of plants, among which dominate the canes, the litter, the eucalyptus and the honeysuckle.LEARN MORE